Not Your Typical College Kitchen

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday; the last time my age was a palindrome (spelled the same way front and backwards, like MOM and WOW) was 11...next 33!..AH! Where does the time go. I swear, after this tomorrow my age will reverse with each coming birthday (like Benjamin Button). Woo, can't wait to be 21 again next year!

Anyways. It's always an adjustment when I go back to school. I like my summer routine and am always anxious to get back into one once I start classes. Since this is syllabus week, I have a lot of time on my hand = a lot of blog posts.

While at college, I try my best to maintain a well-rounded, healthy diet. Our landlord (god bless him) has a garden which we're welcome to; so though I've been torn away from my backyard supermarket (tear), I still have access to fresh veggies! Hooray! And I must say that his garden makes mine look minuscule; his garden means business and I'm so thankful to benefit from it. 

Below is our refrigerator. Being the beginning of the year, it's a tad sparse; but, I have to say it's a pretty healthy college fridge. All of the green beans, zucchini, and squash are from our land lord's garden. And I've recently have had an obsession with Greek yogurt (hence the overstock over Oikos in the fridge) and agave nectar. It's like dessert for breakfast and who doesn't want dessert.


My other obsession? Salad. Doesn't sound too exciting, but I've been adding garden tomatoes, zucchini and green beans (ah so fresh) and mixing those with my organic spinach. Then topping it off with some fat-free Italian, S&P, oregano, and basil.  Heaven.

A masterpiece good enough to eat, and I think I will.

The rest of my cooking will be simplified and more easy-peasy since my resources are limited being at school and all, but...they all shall be delicious. Pinky promise.



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