Weekday Veg TED Video

What's better than a hot cup of coffee and some TED? Nothing. Got 4 minutes? (of course you do), watch this talk by Graham Hill on how being a weekday vegetarian can exponentially boost your health!

Happy Thursday!


MARINA MARKET MAIL with packing peanuts!

Last year, I won a contest through a food blog community that I am connected with. The prize was a $25 gift card to Marina Market. If you're not familiar with the company they're located in Washington (the state not the providence) and they sell a hugeeee selection of food products; anything from frozen dinners to international beer to organic chocolate! Check the site out here!

Well, I forgot about my $25 credit and the months rolled on until one lovely March day I had an "AH HA" moment about my memory lapse.  How could I forget about free food... so unlike me. Anyways, I contacted the woman who awarded me the gift card and she was extremely responsive and accommodating; definitely 5 stars for customer service! All I had to do is send her the products that I wanted and my address, easy peasy. I selected some known brands and others that just spoke to me. I tried to buy as much organic as possible; since I have the money then why the heck now.

After I ordered, I waited.

And in less than a week, I GOT MAIL! Packing peanuts and all!


I have never heard of CB or his (her?) nuts, but I quickly learned that I love them-- the pistachios and pumpkin seeds are bangin'. 

If you have never has sweet potato chips then shame on you. I highly recommend the bag above. 
How good you ask? You're not going to want to share. 

Raw edamame has been my new passion, but I have never has it roasted.
 I'll try anything once, then twice.

Organic chocolate is a stable in my diet; it would be silly of me not to order a bar. The apple spread was the black sheep of my order. I initially thought: apple spread = apple butter. Wrong. It's more of an apple dip but it's yummy so I'm down.


Breakfast Quesadillas!

Why is it Lenten Fridays that I crave meat the most? It's like when you're 7 and your parents tell you not to do something and it only ignites your passion to be naughty. Well, thank god I love seafood and tofu or it would make these Fridays pretty rough; but recently, I have been dying for a tuna melt.... but I can't have cheese AHHHHH! What is a lactose-intolerant person to do? Well I have opened my mind and mouth to Veggie Slices. Everyone please hold your "ews" and "icks", these little soy-based cheese impersonators aren't too bad. Dare I say it even tastes like the real thing? You be the judge.

Lets talk breakfast. Now that I have a new cheesy friend, my food opened have broadened exponentially. I feel limitless, powerful even. What have I been denied that I can now tackle with Mr. Veggie Slices? 


I woke up early and in my mist of tired zombieness, I decided to whip up some breakfast quesadillas!en  Since steak and chicken would be a Lenten Friday no-no, I used egg whites. All I did was brown a whole wheat tortilla in a pan and threw in the egg whites that I cooked on the side. Finally I added my "cheese" and boom. Breakfast is served. Crunchy, cheesy goodness!


Decode Your Food Cravings

Yum! That thick, buttery slice of Texas toast looks heavenly but you're body might actually be telling you it's craving... almonds? Check out this chart to decode your cravings and feed your body with what it really wants!
Pinned Image

Yum! That slice of thick, Texas toast looks heavenly but your body may actually be craving... almonds? This chart helps decode your cravings and feed your body with what it really wants!

Thank you Freeform Fitness for this awesome and interesting chart!


Don't be a Fatty on St. Patty's

I do not have a drop of Irish blood in my veins, but I love St. Partick's as much as the next Connor O'Connor. Especially after visiting Ireland, I feel I have established roots within its green grasses.

The title of this post is not intended to be as harsh as it sounds... I just liked it because it rhymed; But, there  is a minuscule of true behind it regarding the amount of alcohol consumed. If you're Irish, you drink. If you're not Irish, you drink. St. Patrick's day is essentially an excuse to get a wee bit sham-rocked in a judgement-free environment. It's the day of green beer and good times, so by all means drink away. But, if you're like me.. I (1) don't drink a lot as a rule and (2) don't want to consume 1,000 + of liquid confidence. There is a way to enjoy yourself without while being cautions of your caloric intake. If you're mentality is "it's St. Patrick's day, I don't wanna worry about what I drink" then more power to you, Happy St. Patrick's Day and you'd probably want to stop reading here. If you are trying to enjoy yourself while being conscious of your diet, read on my friend.

Guinness is my beer of choice. It's dark, rick and fills me up. In all honesty, it's not as bad (calorie-wise) as you'd think. But what about the other beers? I present you, my St. Patty's Beer Survival Guide.
I found this on FitSugar, I love the brand and they always have the best health and fitness tips (@fitsugar).

St. Patty's Beer Survival Guide

Brand of BeerCaloriesCarbs (g)Percent Alcohol
Amstel Light9553.5
Anchor Steam155164.9
Anheuser Busch Ice Pale Lager17112.55.9
Anheuser Busch Light Pale Lager953.24.1
Beck's Pilsner13895
Beck's Premier Light633.82.3
Bud Light1106.64.2
Budweiser Select993.14.3
Coors Light10254.2
Corona Extra148144.6
Corona Light9953.2
Foster's Premium Ale16012.55.5
Guinness Extra Stout176146
Guinness Draught126104
Harpoon IPA170155.9
Heineken Light99.67.23.5
Killian's Irish Red16214.45
Labatt Blue15355
Labatt Blue Light11184
Long Trail16318.54.6
Magic Hat #9151144.6
Michelob Dark Lager15211.85.1
Michelob Ultra952.64.2
Miller Genuine Draft14313.14.7
Miller MGD 64642.42.8
Milwaukee Best Ice1447.35.9
Molson Ice16011.65.6
Molson Light113125.6
Natural Light953.24.2
Newcastle Brown Ale13812.84.7
Pabst Blue Ribbon145124.7
Pabst Blue Ribbon Light1138.33.9
Pete's Wicked Ale17217.55.3
Red Stripe15113.85
Rolling Rock Extra Pale Lager132104.5
Sam Adams Boston Lager18018.84.9
Sam Adams Light1199.64
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot33030.39.6
Stella Artois15411.65.2

Everyone have a fun and safe holiday! (drink responsibly.)


Full Body Home Work-Out

Hi Everyone! I feel like it's been months since I last blogged. I was recently in Ireland for 10 days and the lack of WiFi and beautiful scenery made it difficult to sit myself down and type (I did post pictures on my new blog if you have a wee bit of free time). AND when I returned, I have been swamped with school work.   So my apologizes, I understand this is a 2-way relationship and I will work harder to do my half of the work. Trust me, it's me not you.

ANYWAYS. Since I haven't blogged in a while, I am anxious to tell you about my morning! I have been getting a bad case of gym boredom. I love the gym but a person can only stair step so much. I needed something to mix up my fitness repertoire.

So, I decided I wanted to strive to be the epitome of self-motivation and work out at home. I have had bad experiences with this and I tend to slack off after rep 2. To silence my inner couch potato, I thought I'd YouTube a workout video to motivate me. I landed upon the Holy Grail of online workout videos.

Fitness Blender is a website that offers FREE full length workouts. There's a ton and you can select videos according to what kind of work out you're looking to do. The videos are easy to follow and I enjoy the male narrator. Plus the video descriptions tell you what kind of exercises are included, the level of difficulty and how many calories you'll burn. This was my morning work out:

At first, you're thinking "psh, I should be teaching this video" but by the end you're whimpering through your sweat (or are those tears?). But in all honesty, t's a great work out and I like how you can mix and match different routines to personalize your own fitness plan. 

I'm sore but it's a good sore, the soreness of champions. Who says you need a gym to sweat it out?


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