Beer & Salmon: My Birthday Dinner!

Ah! I'm 22 and already feel the hot flashes coming on. Kidding, no need for Fix-a-Dent yet; but, the one thing I do enjoy about 22nd birthdays (and birthdays in general) are....birthday dinners! My wonderful boyfriend took me out to a great brewery nearby. Call me a grandma or "no fun", but I'd pick a bottle of a good, solid beer over a can of water (cough*cough*Keystone) any day. I'm not one to shot gun a case of beer and call myself a champ, but rather sip a beer and appreciate its rich taste. Hence, why the brewery was my perfect birthday destination.

Below are our beers. My beer (right), named Black and Blue, had several plumb blueberries floating in it. My reaction was similar to that of a person discovering tapioca balls in his or her bubble tea for the first time. First, surprised. Second, confused. Third, happy as a pig in mud.

His beer = wimpy; My beer = macho

For dinner, I enjoyed the Summer Salmon. My family always ask if I get sick of salmon because I order it about 99.99% of the time. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have an unhealthy, healthy salmon obsession and I've accepted that.

After I licked my plate clean, I asked the waiter if they do anything special for birthdays....hinting towards something chocolaty and with a candle. Well, I was 1 for 2; I got the candle but it was in a pint of beer. I should have figure being at a brewery. Which, let me add, the name of the beer I received: the Pantious Droppus....excuse me Mr. Waiter, what are you implying? Nevertheless, I give them a 10.5 (on a 1-10 scale) on creativity.

As my mom said to me: the best years are yet to come. Bring on another great 22 years!



amelia @ princessandthefrosting said...

hahahaha pantious droppus, I must admit, that is quite original. Cool blog! :)

AnderBeth said...

It's definitely a conversation starter! Thanks for checking out my blog :)


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