Menu Decoder

I love going out to eat especially somewhere new. My favorite moment is when I first get the menu; I get way too excited while the wheels in my head start turning as I contemplate my foodie attack plan. And, if the menu is online, I'll check it out the night before. Yes, I have an extreme love affair with food. Sick, isn't it?

It's hard to not pack on additional calories at any restaurant. Between pre-dinner bread (ah!, especially with the yummy dipping oils) and portion sizes, a huge amount of your daily calorie intake can be disguised as a supposedly "healthy" and innocent dish.

Well, fear not! There is a way to dismantle menu calorie bombs! I found this Menu Decoder (<---- link!), provided by Eat This Not That, that offers a ton of tips on how to select healthier options on all genres of menus. I love dessert, so this decoder helped me eat more strategically so I could have my cake and eat it, too!...and who doesn't want cake?

My motto to live by: Eat Responsibly. Save Room for Dessert.

You're welcome.



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