The 5 Minute Ice Cream-less Cinnamon Banana Milkshake

I am going to the Adirondacks for a fun-filled vacation of reading, relaxation and everything outdoors. Yay! Many wouldn't define a vacation by hiking, biking, running and camping or really anything that requires exerted engery; but, these activities are the cherries on top of a perfect week. So, being vacation and all, I will have little to no contact with the social world (and that is A-OK with me). So I leave you with an incredibly simple and delcious recipe before I bid farwell to civilization and say hello to the wilderness; I have been obsessed with this healthy and yummy treat for the past week!

This ice cream-free shake is perfect for an after workout snack because it contains essential ingredients to rebuild and refuel the body (bananas and milk are post-workout superfoods). I often can't wait for a work out to have one, so I'll make it for breakfast! It's the easiest milkshake/smoothie you'll ever make.

What you'll need
2 (or more) Bananas
Milk of any kind (or soy/almond)
A Blender

Optional Add-Ins
Protien Power (check)
Flaxseed (check)
Cocoa Powder

First off, the key to this shake is to freeze the bananas prior (this may require a little planning ahead); the frozen bananas makes the consistency super thick and creamy without the ice cream, delicious! Once frozen, break them into pieces and place in blender (you may need to throw 'em in the microwave for a few seconds depending on how rock solid they are). Add about a cup of milk and a couple dashes of cinnamon to taste. I also add a scoop of soy protien for a boost, some flaxseed, and a tablespoon or two of cocoa powder if I'm craving a chocolate fix.

Blend together, pour, and enjoy!

So good!, let me know if you try this recipe out :)

Adios! See you soon!





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