A Twist on an Egg Salad

I'm not a huge fan of egg salad, or any salad that isn't green or clumped together with mayo; plus the fact that I'm allergic to dairy makes me slightly biased. So, I don't like egg salad but I absolutely love eggs (I also used to be that person who loved ketchup but hated tomatoes but eventually got less picky and discovered their beauty). Any who, my favorite way to cook eggs is over easy; then I can use my toast to soak up the yolk... it is total bliss.

Well today I was craving eggs... and spinach. Sigh, Omelettes are so in-the-box that I really wanted my lunch to scream Look at me, I'm innovative! Hmm....what to make? Then it hit me, I'm gonna put a literal (and dairy-free) twist on an egg salad with a Taco Bell flare.

What you'll need:
Whole wheat tortilla
2 eggs
Couple tomatoes
Olive oil/butter spray
Glass bowl

1) First, I pre-heated the oven to 400 degrees. I took my tortilla and placed it into the glass bowl so it would conform to the bowl's shape (like a Taco Bell's taco salad without the Mexican-ness). Sprinkle with a little olive oil or butter spray so it'll crisp in the oven. 

2) While the "bowl" is baking, I fried 2 egg over easy; super easy peasy lemon squeezy. AH, I so love EB eggs because they come from cage-free chickens aka happy chickens aka happy eggs aka happy me.

3) Once the tortilla has taken on the shape of the glass bowl and crisped up, remove (with oven mitts, learned that the hard way) from the bowl and place on a separate plate. Perdy! Take 1 of the fried eggs and place it on the bottom of the edible bowl. I punctured the egg, so the yolk could be absorbed into the tortilla and create an eggy yuminess throughout the salad.

4) Next, add your spinach (or legal greens of choice), tomatoes and other fun toppings. Lastly, place the     second fried egg (aka the cherry on top aka the crowned jewel), and just admire the masterpiece you have created. I, again, punctured the egg to let the yolk run free. 

This recipe was really quick and simple, and I'm a fan of anything where you can eat the bowl. 

Dig in!


Nursing Schools IN Tennessee said...

That is a really good recipe that I'm going to show my wife. Before I read the post and saw the pictures I still had the vision of mayo covered egg and spuds.

I wonder if I could replace the olive oil with coconut oil and still get the same effect.

AnderBeth said...

I have never used coconut oil, but I'm sure it'd have the same effect! Try it out and let me know :)

Medifast Coupons said...

Great twist on egg salad, I might even be able to get the kids to try. Thanks so much for sharing, will let you know what the judges think.

AnderBeth said...

Kids are the biggest critics! Let me know what they think, good luck! :)


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