No-Funday Monday turned Egg-cellent

Today knocked me down, laughed, then stole my bike. Not entirely, but today was a grueling day. I didn't have any classes, but somehow I was busier than when I do. I was running around campus like a bat outta H-E-double hockey sticks. Sigh, I was a frazzled mess. It's 7pm and just realized that I'm starving (an indicator of a busy day is when I'm not constantly thinking about my stomach or food). But, I had a big red surprise waiting for me when I got home! No, not roses....tomatoes! The tomatoes in the garden finally ripened; this bumper crop of produce has made my Monday!

What to make with these fine, red, plump, tomaters? Since I never have time in the morning to make myself a scrumptious omelette (that word never looks like it's spelled correctly), what's a better way to turn Monday into Funday than with breakfast for dinner. You were thinking the same thing, too. I knew it.

I decided to make an egg-white omelette with tomatoes and spinach (which I spilled all over the kitchen floor.. today needs to be over).

These tomatoes scream perfection (or eat me). For the egg whites, I don't waste a carton of eggs and toss the yolks. I buy a container of egg whites instead. Pouring milky clear liquid may look gross but the ingredients are: egg whites with no added crap, so we're okay.

I love taking pictures of my food. Call me strange, but think it should be a declared an art form. Not bad quality for a old, scuffed-up Blackberry. 

*FUN FACT ALERT!* Do you know where the name, Blackberry, came from?  
Well yes..most of the phones are black, but its name derived from the keypad that's positioned and shaped like the seeds on a blackberry. 

Now you can't tell me that you've never learned anything from my blog...unless you knew that already (then I got nothin').

Anyways, here's the egg-cellent finished product. 

FYI: I love ketchup on my eggs, and it took me until middle school to realize that not everyone smothered ketchup on their eggs. I thought it was like peanut butter and jelly until kids gave me grossed out looks. 

But, hey..don't knock it 'til you try it. It's delicious. 



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