Indoor Rock Climbing: All Work & All Play

Re-post with a few adjustments!

I love rock climbing but hate heights (I'm a contradiction). Though I haven't overcome my fear of heights, I have learned to mange my fear and turn it into a positive experience. I now work at a rock wall, and enjoy teaching others and strengthening their skills. I's probably the only job I've had where work and fun go hand-in-hand. Ah, the rock wall is my adult playground.

When working, it's sometimes difficult to get students to share my love of climbing. I feel like that annoying salesman, but usually 1 of 4 things happen when I ask students to climb:

Me: "Hey! Would you like to climb?"

Student will either: 
(a) Pretend they don't see the 30 foot rock wall and will avoid all eye-contact;
(b) "I'll climb after I work out" (no, you won't)
(c)  "I'll fall" (I hope not or I'd lose my job)
(d)  "Okay, sure!" (woohoo!)

I'm not knocking on anyone who gives the wall a try...I admire you, but there are climbers (big muscly guys, especially) who try to pull themselves up the wall, all arms. They soon find out that it's not all about upper body strength (GTL won't help you here), but using a combination your legs, arms and keeping your body close to the wall . It's a great workout--the first time I climbed, I couldn't open the peanut butter jar for 2 days (I was like David from the Dentist: Is this going to be forever?) because I wasn't use to using specific arm muscles  It works your arms, legs, abs, concentration and mind. I always look at it as a puzzle and how I can solve it.

Climbing is not for everyone, but I've had numerous students try it once and absolutely love it. I won't let you fall (promise) and it's actually fun (double promise)


.. And when I do get to the top, I feel like a contestant on GUTS (Nickelodeon throwback) who just climbed The Aggro Crag (minus the falling foam boulders and Moe).

Challenge yourself. Rock climbing might not be your thing, but you'll never know until you give it a try. Always make sure you're wearing a helmet; harnessed in; and your bilayer knows what he or she is doing, then rock out!



Keelie Sheridan said...

AGGHHH! AGRO CRAG! My sisters and I reference this show ALL THE TIME.

(In Moe's voice)- "And now, back to you, Mike!"


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