Caffine: The Post-Workout Pick-Me Up

Sweat cleanses from the inside. 
It comes from places a shower will never reach. 
-Dr. George Sheehan

I absolutely love that quote. One of my favorite feelings in the world is pushing myself to the point in a workout where, afterwards, I'm drenched in sweat. Gross, maybe, but it's an amazing feeling knowing that you reached that state solely on self-motivation. It's an reward within itself.

Well, my self-motivation has been a tad on the short side lately. Usually, I'm an eager beaver when if comes to working out, but the past week I've been forcing myself with small steps (Okay, just change into your gym clothes. Next, just ride to the gym. You're almost there...etc.)

I don't like being at the gym longer than I have to because I have the attention capacity of a small child. I like to get in, have a good workout, and get out. I like to do a few day of cardio with some lifting peppered in; just, ugh!, for some reason I dread the days I do cardio. I feel great afterwards; but, for some reason, the days I lift seem so much easier than the days I cardio-it-up. Ah, why is that?

Anywho...if my muscles are tired, it takes an extra motivational push to get through my workout. Which comes to my post-work out solution for soreness. Caffeine! A study found that caffeine can relieve post-work out pain better than a lot of protein shakes or popping ibuprofen. A study found "that caffeine blocks the activity of a chemical called adenosine, which is released into the body as part of the inflammatory response to injury (source)."

So, I've starting drinking coffee post workout vs sucking it down right before (plus, I don't have to stop working out to pee). Win/Win! 

Orange you glad you learned this fun fact?

So, drink Starbucks to feel like a million bucks after a work out! 
Or pick up a Dunkin' to dunk into another great work out tomorrow (eh, I tried)! 

Happy Hump Day!



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