Good Search: Step Aside Google

I am a Google-holic; to the point where I use "google" in my everyday vocabulary as a verb (I was googling until late last night), noun (I am obsessed with Google), and adjective (His name is definitely googleable). If I need information, Google is my man (woman?).

On a different note, I do my best to donate to charities and do what I can to help them (I promise this will all come together). I am a charity's dream because I can't say "no", especially when it has to do with helping children or animals. When Santa rings that bell outside of Wal-Mart, he is really ringing the emotional strings of my heart. Even if I only have pennies, I try to give what I can at that time.

So you have learned two things about me: (1) I'm unnaturally addicted to Google; and (2) I am a sucker for a good cause. If only these things could be unified, together as one. BUT WAIT! So, I came across this search engine called Good Search (I made it click-able for easy navigation). It's like Google and the bell ringing Santa had a love child. This search engine will donate to any cause of your choice for every time you make a legitimate search. Bam, you no longer have to go to church (kidding). But, seriously, this is such a great site. They are donating to a charity of your picking for every search you make. And think about it, how many searches do you make within a normal day? It is such a great idea, and it is so easy peasy!

Please check out this site. I highly recommend it. I know muscle memory causes you to start typing Goog.., but just adjust that "g" to a "d" and you're half way there! Or set it as a bookmark like I did for an easy reminder. If you go to the site, scroll down to the lower left section that's titled Success Stories. Check out the difference a few "clicks" have made. Even if you just use it once, it's one more donation that you wouldn't of made that day. Now get searchin' you good samaritan, you.

I used GoodSearch to search for a picture of GoodSearch. Clever, eh?



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