Food Labels: Keep it Simple

I never watched what I ate until the beginning of my sophomore year in college. Not that I downed boxes of Twinkies (though I'm sure I could have), but I was one of those people at our school's dining hall who needed a slice of pizza as a warm-up while paroozing the other food options. I was the epitome of a foodie. I still live the happy life of a food-lover, but I've learned to indulge more simply.  

My eye-opening experience was:
(1) I found out I was lactose-intolerant (so 4-cheese pizza and I were no longer on good terms); and
(2) a shopping experience at Wal-Mart (sadly, no Wegmans close by) with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend, who at the time was (& still is) Mr. Organic, and I initiated our shopping adventure aisle by aisle. We landed upon the frozen foods. I, trying to impress him, picked out frozen smoothie mix. Healthy, right? WRONG. You would think a 3-berry smoothie mix would contain berries, correct? He showed me the ingredients: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, trioxygliceride, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, rat poison, dirty diapers, tiger blood, etc. Gross. Then he showed me a frozen strawberries package, ingredients: strawberries. That's it. From that day on, I read food labels.

My goal when shopping: try not to buy something that includes ingredients you can't pronounce. Think about it. All that shit and tiger blood are going in your body, and no one wants to be like Charlie Sheen. #winning



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