Facebook would be really annoying as a person..

This has nothing to do about being healthy (possibly living well), but I just saw this video on someecards.com and had to share it. This is not to bash Facebook (because I use it just as much as Mark Zuckenburg), but rather a reminder on information sharing. As sad as it is, the video below is pretty on point with how publicized information is via Facebook. As much as I wanna trust Facebook with my privacy, I constantly have to change my settings to stop them from having marketers, other websites, and Donald Trump accessing my information. 

Knowing all this, I still have Facebook set as a "favorite" on my laptop. So, in a way, I guess Facebook wins. The video below is great, and just a reminder to be smart about what information you share. It's true that employers go straight to social media sites to do background checks, and I can almost guarantee that no one will hire you if you're "shot-guning" a beer in your default--then the only thing you'll be "shot-guning" is the front seat of your mom's car.

"Angus is apparently drinking a Coke", ah love it.



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