Vibram FiveFingers: An "I love you" gift to myself, and an investment in my health

I decided to buy myself a little "I love you" gift, and what's a better reminder of my self-love than a new pair of Vibram FiveFingers (FiveFingers has a better ring to it than FiveToes). For those of you who have never seen a pair of FiveFingers:
(1) yes, they are sneakers and;
(2) yes, you're correct, they do look funny.
And you're probably thinking: No way, they look like frog's feet. And I say hey!, don't judge a sneaker by it's web toes! These little beauties are worth the investment. This is my second pair and I'm hooked.

Why do they look like frog feet? Well, the structure of the shoe is suppose to mimic the feeling of running barefoot. The first time you wear them, you'll be sore because you're using different muscles than a pair of non-webbed sneakers would. PLUS (my favorite attribute), you don't need to wear socks with them (they do make FiveFinger toe socks for you, non-foot nudists). Stink up these puppies as much as you want because you can just pop them in the washing machine. Yes, they're water-proof (perfect water or dorm-living shower shoes). They're pretty much 5 shoes in one, and I'm sure if Jesus wore shoes, these would be it. I basically run in mine, but they're also great for hiking, swimming, climbing, biking, casual, dancing, prancing, and pretty much anything else ending in an -ing. They're just plain comfy--like a beer cozy for your feet.

They are a little pricey, but you'd pay the same amount for a quality pair of Nike sneakers. They have been a huge investment in my health. I used to hate despise running (I would have an asthma attack at the mere thought of the suicides after basketball practice), and have weak knees (say "hi" to the knees). But after wearing my FiveFingers, I have learned to love running and my knees no longer hurt.

So if you're okay with your feet being stared at by strangers,
then I would definitely make the investment--join the growing trend and treat your feet to some sock-less t.l.c.



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