Recommendation: LUNA Bars

I love Luna bars--no, not boozing on the moon or moon pies (though they do come in equally delicious flavors). These nutritional bars are focused towards women because they include the DV of folic acid (good for when woman are ready to pop out babies), and other essential nutrients and vitamins that are geared towards females.

The equivalent of a Luna bar for a man = Clif bar. I steal bites from my boyfriend's and they're scrumptious (don't worry ladies, you won't wake up with a beard or a penis--I actually like them when I'm outdoors-ing).

All of Luna's different flavors kinda make me feel like the women in the Yoplait commercials-- Where she's on the phone with her friend and yakking about all these mouth-watering desserts in her fridge: strawberry cheesecake, apple turnover, key lime pie...which we sneakily find out are yogurts (to her husband's poor dismay)!

In all seriousness, I vote Luna. They are so yummy (I recommend Blueberry Bliss and Dipped Chocolate Coconut) and less than 200 kcals! So that's my Luna pitch, and I'm enjoying one right now (Iced Oatmeal Raisin, if you were curious).

 I'm over the moon for Luna and you should be, too! Over and out.



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