Rockin n' Rollin on New Years

It's New Year's day and a perfect day to be outside. It's the middle of winter with a high of 45 and no snow to be seen.... I still can't believe I'm using hiking boots over snowshoes, but I'm not complaining one bit!  My boyfriend and I decided to go hiking, it would be insulting to Mother Nature not to enjoy her hot flashes.

We traveled to Ithaca, NY! Home of beautiful gorges, falls and super duper hiking trails. There were a lot of people outside which was great to see. Our hike was embellished with the grandeur of nature. The falls were ah-may-zing; it's crazy to think how the flow of water is so powerful and never ending.... it keeps goinggggg and goinggggg like the energizer bunny...

Look at how bootyful the water's and rock's colors are (below)

I felt like I was on the Maid of the Mist... a poncho would have been handy

                                                                                  Get outside and enjoy the outdoors!                                          What's your favorite winter activity?



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