Personal Dietitian? There's an App for that!

I recently traded in my sad, little Blackberry for a mighty iPhone 4s. I tried to fight it, but eventually gave into the technological trend... and I admit that I'm happy I made the switch. I've exhausted every Suri question and even asked her refer to me as Sexy ("I don't know what you mean by that, Sexy"). It's almost unnerving to know the intellectual capacity of this phone. I don't even take advantage of all its features but I've become a huge fan of the apps. I wouldn't say I'm addicted per say... I'd say I'm extremely fascinated. 

I love apps that focus on health (shocker). I've download many applications only to delete a lot of them because they don't turn out as nifty as they initally appeared. I also am a strong believer in "free". I figure why pay for it and end up not liking it. Well, just this morning I've downloaded a winner and want to share. I'm stepping on my sodium podium (refer to my last post) and calling all iPhone-ers! Come hither!

My new obsession: the ShopWell application.

It allows you to make a personal profile on what ingredients and health specifics you do and don't look for while shopping based on your diet. Example: I am lactose intolerate. For me, regular milk and cheese are evil. So in my personal profile, I've noted that I don't want products that include lactose. 

So..  say I want to buy coffee creamer... ShopWell will rate all creamers based on a scale of 100 (with 100 being the best match). Based on my diet criteria, it recommends that So Delicious and Silk creamers are fabuloous matches. Wow, a personal health shopper in the palm of my hand.

Let's go through another example so I can thoroughly express this app's greatness.

Say you want soup, who doesn't?

According to your profile, Amy's looks like a fine match; however, say you're curious why Campbell's got a rating of 51.

Oh look, silly you forgot that you don't like soups with high sodium and refined grains. 

Let's look a little further.

ShopWell goes further into why this product isn't the best for you based on your health criteria. PLUS, you can scan a product's bar code to quickly know if the brand is a match made in health heaven or not.

This app is wonderful!

What are some other apps that you love?




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