Bon Voyage

Tomorrow is the day that I thought would never come... the day I head back to school to begin my last semester of undergrad. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was a naive freshman wearing my ID card on a lanyard around my neck.... well, I've traded my lanyard for big girl pants and its bittersweet.

For the Last Supper, I've decided a meal at home would be more than perfect. Within the last week, I've eaten out at least 6 times and spent money that I don't have; however, I figure I should indulge in delicious food before I'm reintroduced to my school's cafeteria. My prime locations over the past weeks have been the following: Wegman's (sushi!), Target (shopping!), Panera Bread (bread bowls!), Barnes & Noble (books!) and Starbucks (the new Blonde coffee, yum!). My friends and I were at Wegmans' cafe for over 3 hours yesterday and we are so proud.

Another indication that winter break has come to a close? The Christmas tree has finally come down (against my objection if I might add). I am a Christmas tree hugger (ho-ho-ho, man); it represents winter break, family and happiness. I would have it up all year round (it's a beautiful, fake, QVC-ordered tree so all year tree admiration would be completely possible...ahem HINT HINT, parents) if didn't block the television and, well,... I had a say about it.

But the thing that stabilizes my holiday cheer? Only a few more months until Christmas decorations fill the stores, yet, again! Happy new semester!




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