Dontcha Wish your Sauna was Hot like Mine

Tis' the season of chilled to the bone temperatures and pasty white people that blend in with the snow we don't have (hooray for grass!). I can usually deal with the pastiness but I crave warmth. This would be the time of year that I would retreat to the tanning bed to soak in harmful rays while being enveloped in a cocoon of heat. In order to apologize to my skin and forgo a future of skin like cow leather, I've swapped the bed for the underrated sauna room. 

My gym has had a sauna forever and for some reason I've never gone out of my way to experience its hotness. Maybe I was afraid of walking in on topless women or melting like the wicked witch.... the reasons are unknown but I've overcome my fears and met my new best friend.

Saunas are beneficial for your health when used appropriately (Don't stay in longer than 15-20 minutes or you'll melt...). Here are some fun health facts that saunas offer:

Increases circulation  
Your heart rate can rise from 60-70/min. to 110-120/min. in the sauna and body temperature rises as blood vessels expands and circulation increases! 
Breathe, my friend.

Burns Calories
Sweating itself takes a lot of energy therefore converting calories into sweat! 
A positive for looking like sweaty, yet healthy and pretty, pig!

 Skin cleansing 
When deep sweating occurs, the skin is cleansed and dead skin cells are replaced, keeping your skin in tip top condition. Sweat rinses bacteria out of the epidermal layer and sweat ducts, its cleans out pores and flushes out toxins therefore making your skin booty-ful. 
Sweat is your friend.

Body relaxation  
Saunas can relax sore muscles (I go after I work out) and the increased blood flow expedites the body’s natural healing process: soothes an achy bod and speeds up of the healing of cuts and bruises. 
I sometimes call the sauna the "magic box".

Mind relaxation
Saunas relax your body and mind and can help create a better night's sleep.

Sweat on my friend. I love these magic boxes. Actually, I may go right now. K, bye!

The picture above was taken for the sake of my blog. The days of MySpace pictures are overrrrr.


MisYahd said...

I love going to the sauna just to get some weight loss. Sauna's really grant some weight loss here in Perth.

Lucy Eury said...

Some people go to the saunas because of custom, where the benefits of doing so are mere cherries on top. That's okay too. No matter what your reason for going is, the best part is that you do.
Lucy @ iHealth Saunas


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