some ramble, nails & food porn

Good news! I am now the proud owner of my domain! IT'S MINE! No longer must you slave over the .blogspot when typing in the URL (I know it gives my fingers a break). I am officially eatsimplylivehealthy.com. Boom. 

More good news (what a great day)! No longer do I have to divide my time between Eat Simply. Live Healthy. and my school work! Perplexed? How come, you ask? My new graduate class focuses on social media and self-branding... aka I have to blog for homework! Shucks, this may be the best class ever. Now that I'm assigned to write, I have gotten a bad case of blogger's block. I'm at a loss at what to ramble about...

Well, I got my nails done. The color was called Go Green, but I'm pretty sure that's blue. I thought it was very Easter-ish

In other news, I had a fantastic lunch at my dining hall today! A lot of students knock the cafeteria but I kind of like it....  I also may be biased because I'm a fan of the vegetarian station. I'm aware not everyone is a lover of tofu (or toad food as my friend called it). Below is BBQ marinated tofu over rice and sprinkled with scallions. Come on people, look at that presentation!

And I made pizza for dinner. I quickly realized that my veggie cheese is not an exceptional melter, but I give it 2 thumbs up for taste. I think the spinach gives it a nice touch, dontcha think?

That's all I got, but I think I going to start dabbling in short cooking videos. Thoughts? 



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