Happy Easter-- French Toast Casserole Recipe!

Happy Easter! This is the first time in 3 years that I've been home for the entire Easter break, and it has never felt so good to lounge in my yoga pants. The weather has been absolutely beautiful but given me a bad case of summer fever. I'm counting the days!

I enjoyed the day with my family in which we were blessed with love and grub. We usually cook a dinner feast but this year we chose to dabble in the traditional Easter brunch. Needless to say, I was game. We called up our good friend, Betty Crocker, and borrowed some of her award-winning recipes (what a lady). We tackled a french toast casserole and an garden egg bake (<-- click to check them out). The french toast was a holiday treat and the egg bake was healthy and delicious!

 French Toast Casserole

Garden Egg Bake

Though I'm 22, I am never too old for an Easter basket. Since I was little, every Easter morning my parents would hide my basket somewhere in the house: the bathtub, behind the couch and I think it was once in the oven. To keep the tradition alive, I ran around the house like a giddy child to find my surprise... I must say it took me a while to find it (touche, parents). As I've grown, the contents have changed. Chocolate bunnies have turned to Green & Black chocolate bars, malt balls to Stacy's pita chips, glittery head bands to K-cups and sticker books to a jar of pickles (yes, pickles). The Easter egg hunts are over and coloring eggs has become an activity of the past but I will always look forward to my Easter basket. I am lucky to have such wonderful parents and will pass on the same tradition until my children have children. Happy Easter everyone!


Fashion Meets Food said...

Oh my gosh that french toast casserole looks AMAZING! I definitely need to make this. Love your blog and I am your newest follower. xo

Anderson said...

and it tasted as good as it looks!-- aw, thank you so much! that means a lot!! your blog is fantastic! I love the content and your layout is so super snazzy :)

city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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