Guest Post: Jentry Nielsen & How to get Fit for Summer!

I am so excited to feature Jentry's post on my blog! She's a fellow health nut and has been a huge supporter of myself and my blog! I love her writing and you will, too! Don't forget to check out her blog and her great posts about everything health and fitness, she knows her stuff!

I was so excited when sweet AnderBeth asked me to do a guest post for her, yet very nervous! I absolutely love her blog and did not want to let her down with any ho hum post on her baby here! So hopefully this makes the cut to match your amazing work Ander! J

Now with swim suit season coming rapidly, I’ve been a little more conscious of my body and wanting to make sure I’m prepared. Unfortunately I work a lot and go to school, which leaves little time/energy to get in a work out while still having ample time to hang out with friends and the boyfriend, which is what summers are for right?!

So I thought why not kill two birds with one stone, going on some  fun dates or group activities that get us all a little more active! Better than your typical dinner and a movie date, or card game night with friends, where you are sitting down the entire time!

I came across a fun slideshow from Spark People that had a list of active date nights, but felt a lot of them can be done as groups too. So here’s a fun list of ideas we can all do for either your next date night, or group hangout to get us all moving:

Go Dancing: you can do this as a fun date or group outing! This will help get your heart and blood pumping, plus it’s really fun! Check your communities to see if they offer any fun line dancing or ball room dancing lessons. It’s a fun, active way to learn new moves! Or just turn up the jams at home and bust a move! All of these are going to burn calories for everyone involved!

Go Bowling:  although you don’t move around too much here, it’s still fun and better than sitting down for 2 hours straight during a movie!  Plus you and your friends can dance around to that background music for some extra calorie burn while waiting for your turn! Yes you will probably get stares, they are just jealous! J Just make sure you skip the beer and french fries while you’re there.

Play Laser Tag: laser tag gets you running around like crazy! Get a bunch of friends together for a laser tag game night, play a little competitive boys verse girls. This will get everyone more active and have a fun competition as well.

Play a sport: speaking of competition, play a sport. Play a round of golf, and don’t opt for the cart! Or even miniature golf will get you up and moving around hole to hole. Get a group of friends and play basketball, kickball, or even some ultimate Frisbee. All of these will get you running around, all while getting in some quality friend time!

Game night:  now this is not your regular old monopoly and scrabble game night, this is modern day-in-age game night! With all the technology of game consoles like Wii and Xbox Kinect, there are plenty of games that can get you all moving. One of my personal favorites, Just Dance!

Take a hike and eat a healthy picnic: this will be a great dinner and activity date! You can find a fun hike that leads to a place you can lay out a blanket and take in some healthy eats, all while enjoying a great view. Plus it will allow for more talking and getting to know each other, better than when you are trapped in a theater.

Go to an amusement park: Ever noticed how exhausted you feel after a day at the amusement park?! That’s because you are walking around the ENTIRE time, or standing in line for a ride. Then you’ll sit for only those two minutes of that joyous ride! You’ll have so much fun you won’t even notice all the walking you’re doing!

Go swimming: with all the hot weather you’re going to want to cool off somehow! Go swimming with your friends! Swimming is one of the best exercises for burning calories and getting a total body workout. Don’t just float around soaking in the tan though; to get the full calorie burn make sure you are swimming around with your friends.

So get out and try some of these activities this weekend! Anything that gets you up and moving will beat sitting on the couch any day! Thanks again Ander for letting me post on your blog!

About the Author: Jentry Nielsen is a health and fitness nut currently attending school at Dixie State College for nursing with an emphasis in exercise science. She writes about her passion for health and fitness on her blog Such Good Exercise!


Emilyface said...

This is such an awesome list of group activities! I will be referring back to it this summer for sure! I get so sick of date nights where we don't do anything!

Nutribuff said...

That is such a great idea to get some exercise into your summer activities. These ideas are not only great for dates but for families as well. Everybody needs to start incorporating this advice before we end up as an obese and weak nation.

natertots11 said...

Very creative ideas! The best kind of activities are the ones that have any regrets tied to them. Laser Tag and Dancing are great ways to have fun and also get some exercise.

Great article!

Anderson said...

The best kind of exercise is when you don't even realize you're doing it!

Shannon said...

AWESOME guest post!

daniellaprice30 said...

There are countless activities that we could do every summer. It's very important to eat healthy foods. Just don't forget to maintain your oral hygiene or at least visit the dentist in Houston TX.


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