L'Oreal: Are you worth animal cruelty?

Each morning after I wake up, I have a pre-day routine (1) stretch, (2) brush my teeth, (3) make my coffee and (4) plop down in front of my laptop. I was glancing at my Facebook feed when this image was thrown in my face:

This picture was linked to an article about L'Oreal and how the company uses animals to test its products. I'm shocked, disgusted and upset is an understatement. Animal testing reminds me of something out of a SAW movie. I've bought L'Oreal in the past and am so conditioned to see the little rabbit logo on the back that says Not Tested on Animals, did I miss something? I've always made an effort to check labels before I purchase beauty products; I feel cheated in a way. I have a huge soft spot for anything fluffy and cute. Think about if this was your pet...this is not okay.

Plus, if the products are having these affects on animals...what can it do to our bodies?

I decided to do some ameteaur research and this is what I found about L'Oreal:

(1) The L’Oreal company is amongst the world’s largest beauty companies, but is the worldwide leader in animal cruelty.

(2) Many of the animals tests by L’Oreal are on rabbits, dogs, and cats.
      --- BUT..the company has a special preference for rabbits because they are the only animal who can't flush chemicals out of their eyes without using aids like water or their paws.
     --- AND..most of these animals are taken out of shelters

(3) L’Oreal regularly conducts eye irritation tests by securing rabbits so they are immobile while substances are dropped into their eyes (rabbits are used because they have no tear ducts and therefore can’t relieve the stinging and pain).

(4) Poisoning takes place whereby groups of animals are continually force-fed an ingredient until half of the group dies

(5) Animals have their skin shaved and scraped until it’s super-sensitive, then the particular chemical is applied to test skin while L’Real researchers make sure that the animal cannot scratch or remove the substance.

"Although L’Oreal has vowed to eliminate animal testing by 2013, they seem to simply be undergoing a corporate restructuring so as to contract out their animal testing to subsidiary or contract companies that they control (resource)"

This experience has made me more aware of my buying decisons and it is safe to say that I will not be buying L'Oreal make-up in the future. Here are some ways you can stop this awful practice:

(1) Stop supporting L'Oreal by buying its products.

(2) Only buy prodcuts that are cruelty-free and approved by PETA.

(3) Sign this petition to stop L'Oreals animal testing.

Research the companies' whose products you've been buying and see where they stand on animal testing. It may be cliche to say, but think to yourself: are you worth it?


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