Happy Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday or just plain Tuesday (depending how you're spending today)! 

Lent has once again crept up on me and I have yet to decided what I am going to give up or do more of. Many people give up sweets, pizza or chocolate: Well, (1) I love sweets but only have them on occasion so  giving them up would only be a Lenten cop-out, (2) I don't eat pizza (cheese) and (3) if I gave up chocolate I would be a miserable human being.

So what to do, what to do. As of now, my leading Lenten contender is diet soda (pop, soda pop, what have you) -- my weakness, my kryptonite. So knowing this, this would be a huge challenge which fits the criteria for a Lent give-up. I also want to do more of something... this has yet to be determined. Ideas?

I recently found this article on FitSugar <--- check it out! It shows the benefits of giving up a single item (like fast food) over a period of 40 days. By seeing the big picture, it makes the desire to give up something you really enjoy (and how many calories you'd save by choosing a regular coffee over a latte) a little easier.

Or do more of something or something new! 

What are you doing this Lent?



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