Valentine's Day Giveaway

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Depending on people's relationship statuses, it's a love/hate holiday; however, I think we all should celebrate because the day after candy and chocolate are on major clearance! My M&Ms may be pink and red but they're still delicious, I never discriminate especially when it comes to chocolate.

We should always tell our loved ones how much they mean to us, but Valentine's Day is a good reminder on how lucky we all are in love. Hug your mom, dad, friend, dog and even yourself--- it's the one day where it's okay to be narcissistic!

Well, my lovely friends at Fair Trade just published their Fair Trade Valentine's Day Gift Guide. The guide is filled with beautiful gifts that will not only bring happiness to your Valentine but each gift supports a great cause. These gifts gives a whole new meaning to sharing the love. My favorite gifts are the "Helping Haiti" and "Honoring Japan" rose bouquets. You can also buy Fair-Trade chocolate that helps give better lives to cocoa farmers. Valentine's Day has become very commercialized and it's humbling to see an organization bring this holiday back to it's original purpose. To get a better visual of how buying Fair-Trade can make a big difference.... look at the chart below. Want to win some of these goodies? Keep reading!

Fair-Trade Giveaway

Now, you're probably thinking Okay, now how can I win some freebies!? ---Hey, I thought we just discussed not being materialistic! *Sigh* Well, since were talking Fair-Trade, I'll let it slide. So my wonderful Fair-Trade friends want to give you the chance to win a beautiful Fair-Trade rose bouquet and some yummy chocolate (I've heard that chocolate that gives back tastes better.... just sayin').

Here's what to do. Go to the Fair-Trade Facebook page and write "Eat Simply. Live Healthy sent me" on their wall! Or you can tweet to @FairTradeUSA using the #SharetheLove hash tag!

Don't have a Valentine?--- it's completely acceptable to win these goodies for yourself.... there's no shame in self-love this holiday!

Get going and buy Fair-Trade!



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