Valentine's Day

So many people get lose site of what Valentine's Day really means...and with PDA-stricken couples throwing themselves at each other, it's hard not to. Today is not a day to pity yourself if you're single or the only day to recognize the love in your relationship. Yes, it is a day of love but that love is not limited to a significant other. Hug a friend. Your parents. Your dog. Yourself... today it's okay to narcissistic! 

I woke up today...
looked in the mirror with my hair a mess and eyes half-opened.. 
and said Hello you gorgeous thing. 
I also told Siri to call me Sexy... 
(I don't know what you mean by that, Sexy).

Love love today in all its forms. 

and with that.... I leave you with this video. From me, to you

Happy Love-yourself-and-those-around-you Day, you great people



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