Roll It Out: Foam Rollers & Muscle Soreness

Have you been to the gym and seen those odd cylinder rolling pins mixed in with the dumb bells and jump ropes? I've seen them at my physical therapist's office but now they've made their way into gyms. They don't look like fitness tools (and some of the more serious rollers look like medieval torture devices) but these foam rollers may be the answer to healing all your tight and sore muscles. They're like a miniature masseuse in disguise! 

How they work: Foam rolling is a way to massage away tension from various trigger points throughout your body. It's cheaper and more convenient than a professional massage and reaps similar benefits. You use the roller by lying on top of it and placing the muscle you wish to massage directly over the foam cylinder. You then gently roll over that area until you hit the tender trigger point or knot.

The direct pressure may hurt but don't stop! It may seem like cruel and unusual punishment but when it hurts (you may yelp but it's normal) it means its working because you're moving the lactic acid from its concentration point which causes soreness. It's similar to a deep tissue massage and you may start belting out Hurts So Good by John Mellencamp. Roll it out until you feel all of the tension leave that trigger point, and don't forget to stretch the area you just targeted!

I use a foam roller after most of my cardio sessions because my back gets extremely tight. I'll end up placing the roller directly under my lower back and roll until I'm a lesser green Gumbi.

Try these simple poses suggested by Running Times & feel the love of the foam roller:


dareyouto said...

Thanks for the info! I've seen these but never use them. I'll give it a try next time

Anderson said...

Let me know how it goes! You're going to feel like Heaven after :)

Safiya said...

Thank you for this information.I will try this one..

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