P90X: The Benefits of a Home Workout

I graduated from college today! Yay! With that being said, I have been extremely busy and unable to blog (*tear*, but I promise to make it up to you); however, I am thrilled to feature a guest post by John McKiernan. He is a health and fitness writer for Supplement Helper. I've done P90X and it is no joke of a workout, it kicks your butt. His quality post features the benefits of P90X and how it may be your solution to an effective home workout!



Reaching Your Fitness Goals Without Leaving Your Home

For many of us, the extra time and money spent on getting a gym membership and commuting to a gym make it an unattractive option, to say the least. Further there is a large population of people that don't like working out in front of other people. There's nothing wrong with valuing your privacy, especially when you’re at a point where you’re not comfortable showing off your body to strangers. And There's certainly nothing wrong with wanting to save some money and time (after all, time is money).

Achieving Total Body Fitness From Your Living Room

Fortunately there are some highly effective workouts that you can do in your own home that touch on every major aspect of total body fitness. Today I'm going to write about a workout program that includes elements of cardio, muscle endurance, strength, flexibility and overall athleticism.

P90X - The Ultimate Personal Trainer

My guess is that you've probably already heard of P90X. This is one of the most popular video workout series for good reasons. One of the most crucial reasons P90X works for people is that you're working with a time-line in place. When working to achieve any goal, setting a time-line will help keep you motivated and on track. With P90X the goal is to transform your entire body in 90 days.

With the P90X videos it's almost like having your own personal trainer. You have Tony Horton telling you what to do every step of the way. One of the main reasons people spend money on personal trainers is so that they can have someone there telling them what to do, when to do it and how to do it. When you have someone holding your hand, it takes the guesswork out of it. That's exactly what these videos do - they take the guesswork out.

Working Out Should Be Fun!

The thing I used to hate most about going to the gym is that it's boring, I'm was doing the same thing every time. I would either lift weights or run on a treadmill. One of the things I realized about fitness over the past few years is that the more exciting you can make it the easier it will be to get yourself to do it - and that means changing up your workouts constantly.

With that in mind the P90X videos includes kickboxing, yoga, Kempo karate, plyometrics, weight training and more. Every workout is like a new fitness adventure. You get to try something new and challenge your body at the same time!

Muscle Confusion - A Recipe for Faster Results

One of the ideas that P90X promotes is a technique called muscle confusion. This means the workouts are always changing, which keeps the body from adapting to one specific workout and plateauing. With muscle confusion the body continues to be challenged every step of the way. With this challenge comes faster and more efficient body adaptation, in other words - a better body in less time.

Have I Done P90X Myself?

Having completed P90X myself I can tell you firsthand that the workouts in these videos are no joke. They are pretty intense and I did have to pause the videos a few times myself so I could catch my breath. This is coming from someone who works out regularly and is in good shape. Although the workouts are a little bit intense for beginner you can always positive videos and take a break whenever you need to, and of course you can do the workouts at any level of intensity that suits you.

An Even Shorter Option - The 10 Minute Trainer

If you're looking for a really short workout, the folks at P90X released a new video series called the 10 minute trainer. It's essentially another version of P90X, but it's only 10 minutes of exercise per day. Although it sounds too good to be true you can actually getting great shape only working out 10 minutes per day. The trick is that the workouts are at a high intensity and they are pretty much nonstop.

Sum It Up

To sum it up P90X is like having a personal trainer guiding you through a total body fitness routine with a preset goal of changing your body in 90 days. And you can do it all in your own home with minimal equipment and no gym membership. I'm speaking from personal experience in writing this review, however I don't have any affiliation with the folks at P90X and I receive no compensation for writing this article. I've simply used the product and enjoyed it. I believe the concepts behind this program are rock solid and the way that it's put together is top notch.

About the Author: John McKiernan is a health and fitness writer at Supplementhelper.com



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