MARINA MARKET MAIL with packing peanuts!

Last year, I won a contest through a food blog community that I am connected with. The prize was a $25 gift card to Marina Market. If you're not familiar with the company they're located in Washington (the state not the providence) and they sell a hugeeee selection of food products; anything from frozen dinners to international beer to organic chocolate! Check the site out here!

Well, I forgot about my $25 credit and the months rolled on until one lovely March day I had an "AH HA" moment about my memory lapse.  How could I forget about free food... so unlike me. Anyways, I contacted the woman who awarded me the gift card and she was extremely responsive and accommodating; definitely 5 stars for customer service! All I had to do is send her the products that I wanted and my address, easy peasy. I selected some known brands and others that just spoke to me. I tried to buy as much organic as possible; since I have the money then why the heck now.

After I ordered, I waited.

And in less than a week, I GOT MAIL! Packing peanuts and all!


I have never heard of CB or his (her?) nuts, but I quickly learned that I love them-- the pistachios and pumpkin seeds are bangin'. 

If you have never has sweet potato chips then shame on you. I highly recommend the bag above. 
How good you ask? You're not going to want to share. 

Raw edamame has been my new passion, but I have never has it roasted.
 I'll try anything once, then twice.

Organic chocolate is a stable in my diet; it would be silly of me not to order a bar. The apple spread was the black sheep of my order. I initially thought: apple spread = apple butter. Wrong. It's more of an apple dip but it's yummy so I'm down.



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