Breakfast Quesadillas!

Why is it Lenten Fridays that I crave meat the most? It's like when you're 7 and your parents tell you not to do something and it only ignites your passion to be naughty. Well, thank god I love seafood and tofu or it would make these Fridays pretty rough; but recently, I have been dying for a tuna melt.... but I can't have cheese AHHHHH! What is a lactose-intolerant person to do? Well I have opened my mind and mouth to Veggie Slices. Everyone please hold your "ews" and "icks", these little soy-based cheese impersonators aren't too bad. Dare I say it even tastes like the real thing? You be the judge.

Lets talk breakfast. Now that I have a new cheesy friend, my food opened have broadened exponentially. I feel limitless, powerful even. What have I been denied that I can now tackle with Mr. Veggie Slices? 


I woke up early and in my mist of tired zombieness, I decided to whip up some breakfast quesadillas!en  Since steak and chicken would be a Lenten Friday no-no, I used egg whites. All I did was brown a whole wheat tortilla in a pan and threw in the egg whites that I cooked on the side. Finally I added my "cheese" and boom. Breakfast is served. Crunchy, cheesy goodness!



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