Homemade Scones Recipe

I was feeling crafty and was itching to bake, so what says I'm crafty more than a big batch of scones? Nothing, that's what. I was also feeling lazy, so I bought a delicious box mix. I conveniently took a picture of the back of the box (you're welcome). I substituted half&half for the heavy cream to give this recipe a healthier edge.

I loved this recipe because it was a blank slate to whatever flavor I wanted to create. I made two batches of scones, cranberry orange and vanilla chocolate-chip. Nom, nom, nom.


For the cranberry orange dough, I threw in fresh cranberries and ground orange peel. The chocolate-chip batch included mini chips and a few dashes of vanilla extract.

Warning #1: Scone batter is addictive and tastes way too delicious for its own good. I was contemplating not cooking them and just eating the dough but realized Dough Boy is not a sexiest of looks.

Warning #2: The batter is also very sticky when diving it up into triangular scone shapes. 
Be patient and eat dough when frustrated :)


Voila! Homemade scones.... kinda. 

Happy New Years!



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