Seep Yourself Healthy: Hot Tea Guide & Benefits

Hello all.
Long time no talk.
I apologize 
(college has been consuming all my free time, how rude).

I love tea. 
Not only is it tasty, but it helps fix everything
... bad moods, low motivation, sicknesses, etc ... 
basically there's a tea for every occasion, 
except one that helps you win the lottery 
(I'm conducting research now). 

I was reading an article in my Self magazine,

and there was an article about 6 teas that provide certain health perks. 
I wanted to share, so I made an easy guide to selecting the perfect tea. 
Seep your way to a healthier you!

Which tea is right for you?

Want to slim down? 

Black tea may help you do that. Black tea may prevent your body from absorbing fat from food, but consume it plain because milk or cream may counteract the fat fighting effects. 

Try Bigelow's Organic Ceylon (plus it's fair trade certified!):


Chamomile calms allergies (plus it's a great pre-sleep remedy). Flavonoids in this tea act like antihistamines, but you'll need to drink it daily to get its full effect.

Try Traditional Medicinals' (this brand rocks, they have a tea for everything) Organic Chamomile:

Hate goopy sunscreen?

Green tea may help protect against harmful UV rays, but pair with a non-sticky sun screen to stay well guarded against Mr. Sun.

Got a Keurig?, try Celestial's green tea K-Cups:

Need to lower your blood pressure?

Hibiscus tea may help lower blood pressure. A study showed that people who drank three 8 oz. cups of crimson tea a day saw their BP drop by 7.2 points!

Try Celestial's Red Zinger:

Have no gym motivation?

Peppermint tea helps increase athletic performance. The smell of the mint leaves help kick your gym motivation into high gear! I also drink peppermint tea after meals to help digestion!

Try Twinings' Pure Peppermint:

Need to lower your cholesterol?

Rooibus tea may help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and raise HDL (good) cholesterol. It's like magic.

Try Tazo's African Red Bush:

Try all 6 to turbo boost your health benefits!
Seep yourself healthy! Enjoy!



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