Road Biking:Channeling my inner Lance

I make a darn attractive Lance if I do say so myself...work those legs.
During my freshman year of college, I could easily say that I haven't ridden a bike in at least five years. Well after I started dating my bike-loving boyfriend that year, this part of my life was inevitably going to change. Our first bike outing was a train wreck. I road his old mountain bike which was way too big for me. To make a long story short and less painful, you know that saying "it's like riding a bike" when something magically clicks back in to place like second nature, well my clicker was broken that day and I went over the handle bars. You could say I faced my fears that day,...faced them face first into the ground After that experience, I didn't even want to look at a bike; my body and pride was too bruised...ouchies

After my wounds healed (I still have the scars as souvenirs), my boyfriend talked me into buying a mountain bike. So, last year for my birthday, I got a red, Trek mountain bike and named her Ruby. I got back on that bike and was determined to conquer my pathetic fear. Though I was terrified of riding over a bump and probably exhausted the sentence: Am I gonna fall?, I learned to love my bike. She's wonderful and we've bonded immensely over the past year. We've attacked numerous rocky trails of the Adirondacks and countless flat paved roads of Western New York. 

So of course this year, after countless encouragements from my boyfriend, I bought a Trek road bike for my 22nd, 23rd, 24th (and probably until I'm 30) birthday plus all holidays in between. I was skeptical at first. I made the argument to my boyfriend "but I don't wanna get hit by a car" and he responded "I don't think anyone who buys a bike wants to get hit by a car", touche and I bought the bike. My reasoning: yes, a road bike is a financial investment but also an investment in my health that I will use until I'm a wrinkly, 110 year old woman.

I named him Cobalt (cobalt blue!, apparently I have a thing with naming bikes according their color), but my boyfriend wasn't thrilled that my bike was a man; so, after careful consideration, my bike had a sex change and is now named Colbie. I love her regardless.  

Colbie + Me = BFF4e
When I first rode Colbie, it was a huge difference from my mountain bike. Colbie has a carbon frame so she's  ultra light; I learned quickly when riding her, the slightest shift in weight would tip her left or right. My boyfriend and I tested her out at LBI (Long Beach Island) which was perfect because the roads are flat and the bike shoulders are hugeeee. On my first couple rides, I was slightly tipsy and obtained a death grip on the handle bars; but by my 3rd attempt, I had more control and my knuckles loosened. My worries about hitting a pothole, car, or small child faded and I really started enjoying the ride.

I want to do some races in the future, but right now I'm content just riding for fun. I'm proud that I conquered my fear. If I didn't, I'd be missing out on something that I really enjoyed doing. The quote that I live by: Don't let your fears make your decisions. I may not be Lance Armstrong but it doesn't mean I can't pretend. Today: the paved roads of LBI; tomorrow: the Tour De France!



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