How To Ease Into A Vegan Lifestyle

Quiz time! Besides being stunning, what do all of these women have in common?



If you said "they're all vegan", you're a smarty pants or you read the post's title; regardless, you're correct!

The vegan lifestyle is something I don't live but it fascinates me. I have always wanted to attempt it for several reasons: (1) I support a lot of the diet's values, (2) it's a healthy diet and good for the body when well-balanced and (3) I'm curious if I could survive without fish. If I had to, I could go vegetarian because I'd live off eggs, veggies and tofu; however, vegan is a whole other animal (no pun). Since I'm lactose intolerant, the no cheese or dairy aspect is easy but I doubt I could live happily without eggs. This lifestyle is not for everyone but I hold a high level of respect for anyone who carries it out. This is a diet hard to switch to cold turkey especially if you're a heavy dairy or meat eater. It's important to transition slowly and not be hard on yourself if it's not the right lifestyle for you. Below is a 5 step guide for anyone interested in easing into a vegan life.

(1) List your reasoning: Just because the celebrities are doing it isn't reason enough to cut out all animal-based foods. "Go though and make a list of all the reasons you want to adapt this type of diet," says Elizabeth DeRobertis, Director of The Nutrition Center at Scars Medical Group in Scarsdale, NY. This is a good way to organize your thoughts and really decide if its something you want to commit to and stand behind.

(2) Do some research: Like anything new skill, you must take time to obtain the proper resources to do some heavy research. You will need to become familiar with which foods you can and cannot have and also be able to read the big, scientific words on the nutrition labels. DeRobertis says to check with your doctor and "take a look at your medical history and family medical history, as vegan diets are often rich in soy".

(3) Learn the cooking style: This is the fun part, looking up recipes! Find some vegan recipes that look interesting and give 'em a go! The more practice you have cooking vegan the easier it will be to shop for the right ingredients.

(4) Trash the temptation: Why tempt yourself with foods you can't have? Create an environment that is vegan-friendly and always have your shelves and fridge stocked with vegan foods. If it was me, I'd also find some sweets that are vegan-friendly so temptations are easier to subside-- it's no fun having a chocolate craving and the only means of sweets is a slice of chocolate cake.

(5) Find professional help (in a good way): Team up with a dietitian to make sure your diet is well-balanced and rich with the right vitamins and nutrients. The point of a vegan life style is to be healthier not malnourished.

Even if you don't want to go completely vegan, try a vegan recipe for fun!

If anyone has any advice on becoming vegan or has tried it, please leave your comments!


Jentry Nielsen said...

I've always thought about doing this! But I love chicken, seafood, too many other delicious foods I'd have a hard time giving up! ha Are you vegan Ander?!

Anderson said...

No I'm not but I always wanted to try! I think I may try to be a vegetarian but still eat fish, I want to challenge myself and see if I could do it!

James Curtis said...
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James Curtis said...

vegan food is healthy too.Little by little one can get accustomed to vegan lifestyle, and its healthy too.
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